It seems hard to believe that poet, musician, punk rocker and rock and roll hall of fame inductee reaches 65 years old this year. During the 1970's Patti released four classic releases beginning with the classic "Horses" where Patti made a hit of Van Morrison's Gloria with the addition of her own opening sentiments that Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine" (an excerpt from "Oath," one of her early poems). Patti also co wrote the classic "Because The Night" with Bruce Springsteen making Easter one of her largest selling discs. Patti joined forces with Todd Rundgren in 1979 and released "Wave" which featured three favorites "Dancing Barefoot" and "Fredrick" both written for her husband Fred "Sonic" Smith who passed away in 1994 of heart failure. Patti also did a great rocking cover of the Byrd's classic "So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star" for this disc. Patti disappeared through most of the 1980's with only 1998's "Dream of Life" Which featured the track to inspire peaceful revolution "People Have The Power" and "Up There Down There". Patti once again stopped recording until 1996 with "Gone Again" which featured "Beneath The Southern Cross' and Summer Cannibals" which was the last composition of her departed husband Fred Smith. Patti Released three discs from 2000-2007 including her most recent "Twelve" which features Nirvanas grunge anthem "Smells Like Teen Spirit". The 18 remastred tracks on this disc should please fans of Patti and hopefully introduce her to an new generation as one of rocks most iconic and influential ladies. Reviewed By : Gregg Saur

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