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Middle of Everywhere


Middle of Everywhere is Pokey LaFarge and The City South Three’s second studio album (their first was released in 2010 entitled Riverboat Soul). Pokey is from St. Louis which, he states, is in the Middle of Everywhere. All songs were written by Pokey LaFarge who is the lead singer with guitar and banjo. The South City Three include Joey Glynn on upright bass, Adam Hoskins on guitars, and Ryan Koenig on drums, washboard, harmonica. Pokey LaFarge must be an old soul. He even looks the part. Middle of Everywhere has got a 30s sound and its genre is hard to pin down for country, blues, folk, or ragtime. It’s all and more. “So Long Honeybee, Goodbye” is the best track on the CD with New Orleans style horns. “Ain’t the Same” features lap steel guitar hook and harmonica sounding like a train chugging down the tracks. “Head to Toe” is a toe-tapping song featuring pickin’ and upright bass solos. Woo-hoo-hoo “Mississippi Girl” features Koenig on a mean harmonica. It has a deep South strum recalling the old blues legends. “Weedwacker Rag” is a ragtime tune flush with vintage guitar and banjo pickin.’ Middle of Everywhere feels like a step back in time and will put you in a good mood as the entire album is a toe-tappin’ reminder of simpler times. Pokey and The City Three are authentic musicians without studio tricks – just pure sound and talent that speaks for itself. – Pam VandeKerkhoff FCC violation: none

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