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American Goldwing


The sixth release from this very unique alt-country/rock/folk band from Portland is a crazy ride. As I listen, at times I think The Band has been reincarnated from Big Pink and is back again with hard-spun tales of backroads yore--especially evident on "Astronaut." At other times, Lynryd Skynyrd seems to leap out behind a huge speaker and the electric rock guitars jam--check out "Your Crying Eyes." These guys don't want to pinned down to any genre and they can't be. If you think about the concept of a band that's part The Band and part Lynryd Skynyrd, the audacity of trying to pull that off is fascinating--except this group of guys pull it off. Check out "Fletcher," "Love the Way You Walk Away," "Your Crying Eyes," and "Astronaut." The title of the record comes from the name of a classic motorcycle and that's what we have here, a musical journey that takes its lessons from the road. "Born to Be Wild," anyone? 09/11 Michael J. R-Classic

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