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The Silos led by Guitarist and vocalist Walter Salas-Humara have been putting out music since 1985 and on this their 10th studio release they continue to draw influences from many to make their own creative unique fresh sound. The CD begins with the story of taking adolescence to the beyond with the Haunting "Coming From The Grave". The vocals on this track take on a certain Bodeans feel. The second track "On Your Way Home" is dedicated to the Silos Bassist Drew Glackin and has a heart felt raspy vocal as if his spirit has come from the grave and is looking upon his fellow band members. "White Vinyl" is pure pop magic and could easily stand as a catchy single. The Track Teenage Prayer" reminds me of the band Cracker and tells the tales of growing and the wishes that deals with experiences of growing older and the wishes for a teenage prayer. "Getting Trashed" title explains itself and is a rebellious track in the vein of a young John Cougar before he discovered Mellencamp. The Silos have made many transitions though the years, but with the release of Florizona their future appears to be very sunny. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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