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SLAID CLEAVES SORROW & SMOKE LIVE AT THE HORSHOE LOUNGE What a better place to tell stories of drinking, bars, sucking the heads of lobsters and life lessons then in the smoky beer drenched confines of the Horseshoe Lounge in Austin Texas. This represents Slaids first live recording where he showcases some of his finest songs and stories form the past decade and even shares his fears of first entering the Horseshoe Lounge when he moved from Portland Maine to Austin in 1991. Slaid proves on this disc that he is truly one of the most gifted singer songwriters from Texas and his band effortlessly makes their way through the 21 tracks that will cover most of life's interesting journeys. If this great disc had only one flaw, is that the second disc has three tracks in a row {Horses, Texas Top Hand and Rolling Stone From Texas} that feature some major yodeling, but hell I think anything would go at the Horseshoe Lounge. This disc is Slaid at his very best and he writes and shares stories that anybody that has ever stepped foot in a smokey bar will easily relate too. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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