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Got to Get Back!


This outfit of veteran Memphis musicians are back again, this time with a set that pretty much alternates between funky instrumentals in Booker T. terrain and soul-stew vocal blues numbers featuring a solid list of stalwarts at the microphone: Otis Clay (#2 and #12), Percy Wiggins (#4), William Bell (#7) and Charlie Musselwhite (#9). Lead guitarist "Skip" Pitts goes all the way back to the famous licks he played on "The Theme from 'Shaft'" by Isaac Hayes and he's lost nothing over the years. Also memorable is organist Archie Turner, who gives many of the songs that "Green Onions" feel (check out "Jack and Ginger" for the proof). Musselwhite's "I'm Going Home" may be the peak of this disc, with an impassioned vocal, great rhythm support and Charlie's wailing harmonica. Can't sit still and listen to this stuff. 07/11 MJVD B-Rhythm & Blues (Memphis)

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