The Archer Trilogy Pt. 2


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Label: The Control Group
Released: 12 July 2011

The Archer Trilogy are The Deer Tracks first American releases after their much lauded (in Europe) 2008 record Aurora and Pt. 2 is their first LP released in the series after the March release of Pt. 1 (an EP). A talented Swedish duo, David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors are both renowned multi-instrumentalists and they use all their talents to full capacity on this release.

What is interesting about The Deer Tracks is the fantastic dichotomy between the lushness of the synths with the sweetness of Elin’s voice and the electronic glitch tracks that interrupt many of their musical thoughts midstream to take them off in new wonderful directions. Not unlike The Postal Service which followed the same recipe of twee vocals on top of glitch electonica, The Deer Tracks differ in their use of full disco, four on the floor tempo on many tracks which is much more inline with dance-punk then sedate synth-pop.

Overall a very captivating record though at times I’m left wanting more and the obviously meant for commercial radio track “Fa-Fire” (6) is almost unlistenable by the time it hits the chorus.

Recommended Tracks: Meant To Be (1), Fra Ro Raa/Ro Ra Fraa (2), The Archer (3), Tiger (7)
Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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