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Within and Without


No FCC Issues
Label: Sub Pop Records
Released: 12 July 2011

This is Washed Out’s first proper LP after the great, 2009 chillwave classic Life of Leisure EP. Where this album differs most from that album is that it has a much more straight forward pop sound and is a little bit more polished recording as a whole. Whereas the previous album was a lo-fi bedroom pop record this album features a much fuller, lush sound thanks in no small part, I’m sure, to the use of a proper studio.

As with most chillwave influenced bands, Washed Out features an overall '80s sounding aesthetic with icy-synths, a more distorted vocal recording and a hypnotic beat. All this combined creates a very laid back, atmospheric recording, one that you would put on at a summer BBQ way before you would throw it on at your latest dance party. This is not to say that there aren’t quite a number of singles or at least ear wormy songs on the album but they just take a little bit more time to get into. While this record might not jump up and grab you on first listen, it is worth the patience and time of continued spins.

Recommended Tracks: Eyes Be Closed (1), Amor Fati (3), Within and Without (8)
Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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