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Released: 24 May 2011
Label: Downtown Records

White Denim’s D is a mix of classic rock nostalgia with just enough jam band noodling without going overboard. This being the band’s fourth full-length studio album you would expect them to have fallen into the trap of redundancy but they have added a fourth member and significantly changed from their former lo-fi grunge into a much more polished full studio sound that really lets the band adventure into some very far out territory.

Despite the enhanced studio sound of D it almost feels like you are listening to the band live at an outdoor festival. With breezy vocals that sound like they are echoing off the back wall and those guitar licks that beat down upon you like the sun’s rays, and the drums that are deemphasized in the mix but help carry you on your journey in just the right way; you are transported. Let us be transported.

Recommended Tracks: Street Joy (4), Drug (7)
Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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