When I first heard Tokyo Rosenthal on his 2010 release "Ghosts" I was taken by his voice and how a man named Tokyo exemplified the sounds of Americana. On his new release "Who Was That Man" Tokyo continues to expand the landscape. The opening title track and "The Librarian" have a Texas, Spanish folk sound that would exemplify the sounds of Raul Malo and the Mavericks. Tokyo voice can also change with each track as "Your 3RD Score" has a distinctive Gordon Lightfoot feel to it. "Maybe I've Been Where I'm Goin'" and "San Antone" are the purest of Tokyo's new country sound. The other standout I found on this disc was the fiery fiddle of Bobby Britt throughout this disc. I could only assume he needed new strings at the end of this recording. Tokyo Rosenthal's name may not be as recognizable as many of today's popular musicians, but after one listen to this disc you will be asking Who Was That Man? Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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