FCC Warning: Track 6 (f*ck)

Label: Columbia
Released: 7 June 2011

The people of the internet are fickle. Just as easy as they can build you up, they can tear you right down again. So when it was announced that internet buzz-duo, Cults had signed to a major even before they had produced a proper LP it was almost shocking how quickly they were accepted and just left to record the follow-up of their highly acclaimed 3 song 7-inch. It seemed that the days of calling people sell outs were gone, for better or worse.

In this case, I would say for the better. If the people of the internet weren’t shocked into disbelief that one of theirs had gotten ahead, the collective, preemptive animosity would have gotten so loud, it might have drowned out the devastating tunes on this record. Every track is a winner.

Sundrenched songs filled with reverb next to ones that could have come straight out of a 50s sock hop. Aped girl group vocals with synths and xylophones, all with the running theme of cults as vocal snippets, even including the man behind Jonestown, Jim Jones was sampled. It goes to show you that not everything produced and endorsed by the internet has to be Biebers and Soulja Boys.

Recommended Tracks: Abducted (1), Go Outside (2), Most Wanted (4), Bumper (10)

Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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