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Label – Shepherds Ford
Released – April 2011

Who are The Woodshedders? An easy answer would be a ramshackle group of folk and country musicians producing music that they have coined as “Indie Roots Americana” but based on the variety of styles that they have employed on their newest record, the actual style would certainly transcend anything that you try to put into words.

Playing everything from gypsy music to folk-reggae to a waltz lament to a jam band style rap, this album is all over the place but all firmly rooted in the folk and bluegrass sound that made their first record “Catch the Yardbird” so endearing. Featuring an upright bass, mandolin, fiddle, guitarist and drummer, this is one of the most unique records you will hear this year.

Recommended Tracks: Badger Blood (1), Swallows Wings (8)

Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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