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(Pronounced Ya-nee-tuh)

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Label: Engine Company Records
Released: 27 July 2010

Originally from Helsinki, Finland Janita now resides in Brooklyn, NY where she has put out (now) 4 internationally acclaimed albums. With a powerful voice, she rides the synth and acoustic waves of R&B and adult contemporary rock. Focusing mostly on soulful, slow bleeds but not afraid to completely rock out, “Haunted” plays around with the ideas of love and loss with inventive metaphors and striking symbolism.

Janita is best when she is being playful and unorthodox, which she manages to do on a quite a few tracks. Album closer “Heal” is probably the most surprising, incorporating both hand drums and a sitar-sounding instrument, creating an overall Indian feel to a song that would sound banal without it.

Recommended Tracks: Martian (3, up-tempo), Travels of Your Mind (5, laid back)

Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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