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The Brick Album


This newgrass quartet, led by Australians Carol Young and Kym Warner, submits another fine set of music, its fourth, this time with cameos from Sam Bush and Vince Gill. Young had some country-flavored hit singles Down Under and Warner won the Australian National Bluegrass Mandolin Championship for four consecutive years. They moved to Austin in 2003, grabbed a couple of Yanks and The Greencards were born. This record has two new American members of the band making their debuts. Sam Bush does add some excitement to the opener, "Make It Out West," and "Faded," "Here Lies John" and "Mrs. Madness" are standouts. "Adelaide" and "Tales of KangaRio" are instrumentals. The album is so-titled because fans "bought a brick" to build this new record and their names are listed on the bricks that grace the album cover. 06/11 MJVD F-Newgrass

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