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In Tall Buildings


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Label – Whistler Records
Released – 6 April 2010

A record long in the making; written, recorded and produced by one man, Erik Hall of His Name is Alive, Saturday Looks Good to Me, and NOMO fame, all in his bedroom studio overlooking Lake Michigan, in the great city of Chicago.

Erik Hall got the name for In Tall Buildings from the great John Hartford song of the same name that Gillian Welch has been quoted as saying, “there’s probably a fair number of people who have quit their jobs because of this song” and describes the overall ennui of the business class, a fitting description for a full time musician like Erik. It also seems serendipitous that he would do a cover of “Elvis Presley Blues” by Ms. Welch for this record, an excellent one at that.

Filled with driving rhythms, experimental electronics, horns, and of course that haunting voice, In Tall Buildings is a band you cannot pass up.

Recommended Tracks: Walking Man (1), The Way to the Monsters Lair (2), Elvis Presley Blues (6, Gillian Welch cover)

Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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