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The Errant Charm


No FCC Issues

Label – Sub Pop Records
Released – 14 June 2011

The fifth release from San Francisco’s native Vetiver succeeds in being one of the few records of recent memory that practices the art of the active idle; creating a sound that is both laid back and propulsive at the same time. With nods to the Laurel Canyon scene of the sixties and contemporary freak folk this band hits you exactly where you need it for those hot summer days, where all you want to do is lay in a hammock, lazy with the heat and a sweat drenched brow.

Inspired by the bandleader’s walks around the Richmond District of San Francisco, an area that is nestled between the beautiful Golden Gate Park and Presidio Park, you can feel both the California sun and see the San Francisco grey. On most songs you can almost hear his feet hitting the pavement in even 4/4 time almost like a folky version of motorik.

Overall a very enjoyable record and the drop is perfect timing for these 90 degree days.

Recommended tracks: Worse for Wear (2), Hard to Break (4), Right Away (6), Wonder Why (7)

Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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