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FCC Warning: F*cked (Track 7)

Label: Cooking Vinyl
Released: 24 May 2011

Eddie Argos, the lead “singer” of Art Brut doesn’t have what most would consider a traditional singing voice, in fact on most songs he isn’t singing at all but shout-speaking not unlike many of the early British punk and post-punk bands that Art Brut is obviously inspired by. What is different about this, their fourth album though is Eddie is actually encouraged to try his luck at singing most likely by the producer of the album, Black Francis of Pixies fame, another nontraditional singer. The result is something that is very “unique” and is open to interpretation whether it works or not.

What is one of the most enjoyable parts of this album is just Argos’ humor on tracks like “Clever Clever Jazz” or “Axl Rose”. Not that he doesn’t try to be heartwarming or sweet like on “Sealand” or “Is Dog Eared” but where the lyrics shine are when he is trying to be funny.

Recommended tracks:

Clever Clever Jazz (1) has an Interpol like feel to it… until he gets to the chorus of course and the shout-singing begins

Lost Weekend (2) a fun little ditty about getting drunk, meeting a girl and spending the rest of the weekend with her

Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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