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Label: 4AD
Released: 9 May 2011

On this their 1st record for 4AD and their tightest to date, Gang Gang Dance take their electronic beat making skills to the next logical level, creating beautifully layered soundscapes but not going so far away from their beat making skills that you wouldn’t be able to dance to it but I would recommend throwing on the headphones before I would recommend throwing on your dancing shoes.

Despite the fact that the songs are quite diverse throughout the album they flow together very well, encouraging the overall headphone record aesthetic that they are obviously going for. They aren’t averse to using nonwestern sounds either incorporating African beats and scales into the same songs with 80s inspired synths and trance like build ups, overall creating a record that is both rich in texture and rich in diversity.

Recommended Tracks:

Jar (1) has a very satisfying slow build up and release but it is quite long at almost 11 minutes

Adult Goth (3) beautiful, Icy synths and a nice laid back beat and an almost Dan Friel inspired ending

Mindkilla (5) dance floor beats, uses a children’s rhyme effectively, very satisfying

Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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