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In her first solo release in 12 years, Donna the Buffalo singer/violinist Tara Nevins shows her country-side more prominently than one hears in her "Donna songs." The record doesn't start out that way: the opening title track could comfortably find a home on a Donna CD, with its driving, Cajun-style structure. The same holds true for the next two cuts, "All I Ever Need" and "You've Got It All." The cowboy boots show up on the fourth track, "You're Still Driving That Truck," which begins with an electric guitar intro and then dips into Nashville territory, as does the rest of the set--until the arresting "Tennessee River," which uses a growling electric guitar to underscore the angst of the song. She ends things up with a gorgeous reflective number, "The Beauty of the Days Gone By." Country or not, Nevins has talent and she's delivered a solid collection of songs that allows her to exercise her twang between Donna releases. 05/11 MJVD F-Americana

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