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Recorded live at the Historic Ryman Theatre in Nashville Tennessee, Levon Helm brought his all-star band with a whole host of special guests to share a magical night of music. Recorded in 2008 between Dirt Farmer and Electric Dirt, this CD is a "Band" greatest hits with more lively takes from the Dirt Farmer release. The CD begins with the Band classic Ophella penned by Band Member Robbie Robertson in 1975 and showing that even throat cancer can stop the voice of Levon Helm. The Tracks "Fannie Mae" and "Baby Scratch My Back" are bluesy tracks featuring Sammy Davis on vocals and Harmonica. Sheryl Crow joins' Levon for the roots sound of the Bands "Evangeline" and the country styling's of the Carter families "No Depression In Heaven". The Great Sam Bush and Buddy Miller take the stage with Levon for "Wide River To Cross" the ending track on Dirt Farmer. "Time Out For The Blues" a Grateful Dead track lets Levon's daughter Amy Helm take the lead and showcases her vocal talents. The CD ends with three Band Classics including a rocking version of "Chest Fever" and John Hiatt joining the stage for Levon and the whole gang for "The Weight". This CD shows why this man from Arkansas is a national treasure. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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