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Hotel Shampoo


All Tracks FCC Clean

Label – Wichita Recordings
Released – 3 May, 2011

Hotel Shampoo is the third solo record from Super Furry Animals lead singer and songwriter Gruff Rhys. Referencing the single use bottles that he has collected on the road, the songs feels just well traveled as those little shampoo bottles.

Though the album follows many different themes from surf rock to neo-psychedelia, what ties the album together is Rhys soothing, honey kissed voice that can even make lyrics about “poisonous smiles” and “sulphur clouds” seem nice.

Recommended tracks: Shark Ridden Waters (1) is a summery, almost lounge rock like song.

Christopher Columbus (8) has a jammy, 60’s psychedelia feel with lyrics about the famous explorer/colonialist as a metaphor for a relationship.

Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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