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Dye It Blonde


Smith Westerns made their first album on the computer at home, in Chicago. By all accounts, the result was decidedly garage-y. For Smith Westerns’ second album, “Dye It Blonde”, they were backed by Fat Possum Records, they used a professional studio, and they had a professional producer in Chris Coady (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and TV on the Radio). All this boils down to a more slickly layered production. The thing I saw repeated over and over in my research on this band was a comparison to TRex. I don’t see it. What I hear on this Chicago band’s release is a 60’s influence with maybe a teensy bit of 70’s ELO thrown in (especially on "Imagine Pt. 3”). “Dye It Blonde” got kind of mundane about half-way through, but it’s good for a song or two with its radio-friendly melodies. Rebecca Ruth

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