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Adele Atkins has grown two years since her Grammy award winning debut 19, but the power of her vocals and life stories covered in this disc show an artist who has matured well above the age of 21 when she wrote these songs. Adele's Amy Winehouse or Dusty Springfield sound has taken on a more toughened stance as she sings about relationships that have taken wrong turns and loves that have gone wrong. That being said, the power found within the vocals on the eleven tracks on this disc are totally captivating and will draw you into her world right from the opening track "Rolling In The Deep" Adele worked with four different producers including the great Rick Rubin for this release but the songs flow flawlessly as if each understood the true magic found within this artist and let her pour her heart and soul into each one. The only track not wrote or co-wrote by Adele was an inserting take on the Cure's classic "Lovesong" which is which is done to a laidback Brazilian Bosa Nova beat. Adele finishes this CD with a beautiful rendition of "Someone Like You" where she wishes a past friend only the best, showing through all her toughness that this beautiful artist truly has a soft and sensitive side. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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