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Small Source of Comfort


Over 30 albums into his career, Bruce Cockburn continues to deliver fresh and provocative perspectives on the world and the human heart, spiced with excellent guitar playing and a splash of exotic sounds from instruments such as bells or gongs. This time, Bruce goes mainly acoustic, choosing not to dress up the numbers very much and the result is a slower, more languid record. That's not all bad, and on songs like "Call Me Rose" (about Richard Nixon being reincarnated as a single young woman with kids in the projects), the life-reflective piece "Iris of the World" and "Five Fifty-One" (driving at the break of dawn) are great additions to the Cockburn legacy and the instrumentals ring. I wouldn't rank this as one of Bruce's best, but this guy sets such a high bar that his "average" outings outshine most of his peers. 02/11 MJVD F-Contemporary

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