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Cubist Live


Cubist Live is essentially Cubist, the 2009 release, performed live and recorded during three concerts held during the course of the year 2010. Percussionist, Jerry Leake, is well-versed in percussion. Having studied all over the world, he currently is on the faculty at New England Conservatory of Music. This is where he gathered his band to make this album. All the performers on this release are New Englanders and they are all experienced in their own right. I didn’t think I would like this after listening to the first track, which is pretty smooth. It continues in its smooth direction on the second and third tracks, both being heavy on flute and keys and sounding very 70’s-80’s cool jazz. Then track 4 began and I my interest was piqued. “Plan 9” starts out quietly with Noam Sender on the Turkish zurna. It gradually builds with kit drums and tabla and Noam’s own vocals, giving it a decidedly middle eastern feel. “In From the Cold” retains an eastern feel with its tabla, but it also involves tenor sax, electric guitar and kit drums, making it a bit more post-rock. These songs toward the end of Cubist Live definitely left me liking this release a bit more than I thought I would, although the last track takes it right back to its smooth beginnings. Rebecca Ruth

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