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Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man

Out of Season


Beth Gibbons is the tortured female vocalist from the band Portishead, and "Rustin Man", is actually Paul Webb from Talk Talk,  who took his alias from one of the first songs the duo completed (the last actual track on the disc).  They receive musical help from both bands (and, Portishead is NOT splitting).  Gibbon's moody, "desparately intimate" and evocative vocals are central here (much more so than in Portishead).  They are outskirted with unusual, haunting music that does not steal the spot light from Gibbons.   The feelings of melancholy and isolation are present, even when the song's themes are happier.  As said by The Guardian, its "gorgeously uneasy listening".   The first 2 tracks swept me off my feet!

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