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The Acidsoxx Family Sampler


This is a various artists release from (real name?) Dick Acidsoxx and Eric Bonner’s Acidsoxx Musicks record label. The Acidsoxx Family Sampler consists of experimental music that at times is quiet such as Pan Parag’s “Mapping Antarctica”, Erikka Sylphh’s “Die Trip Summertime Die”, or Hello Daylight’s “Marijuana”. There is also electro-Brit hip hop from El Waxo on three tracks. There are a few instrumentals, the best one being Klimperei’s “La Musique Pratique”. Another cool instrumental is the klezmer-ish “The Case of the Unspiralled Staircase”. Weird vocal effects and electronics abound on the very cool “Number One Comrade” from Perfect Vacuum. Another good one, “Fangio Angel” features spanish vocals backed by guitar and upbeat electronics. If you’re willing to give this one a try, you might find yourself rewarded. This is provocatively weird stuff. Rebecca Ruth

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