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It’s hard not to compare this to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. Alexander Ebert, lead singer for the band, wrote and recorded this album during breaks in the Zeroes’ “Up From Below” tour. Using the same subdued, yet intriguing percussion, such as hand claps, alarm bells, breathing, (yes, I wrote breathing), and toe tapping, Alexander emulates the Magnetic Zeroes’ sound. On this self-titled release, however, Alexander did everything himself, even playing all the instruments, and recorded it in his bedroom. Besides the interesting percussion, he played clarinet, Lowery organ, and even taught himself to play violin! I’m a little biased toward this release, since , for me the Magnetic Zeroes’ 2009 release was the best of the year. I had great anticipation to review this release and while I’d say it’s maybe a bit milder than “Up From Below”, I’m not disappointed. Rebecca Ruth

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