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On Go-Go Boots the eleventh full length release from the roots rockers the Drive By Truckers they return to their Alt-Country sounds with an offering that will drag their listeners into the darkest of places and bring them out happy to know that these are just fourteen well crafted stories. The title track deals with church, sex and a cheating husband and who will be the judge of the Go-Go Boots? "Rays Automatic Weapon" is a torrid story of what goes through the mind of a Vietnam veteran that saw too much killing and should never have a gun. "Used To Be A Cop" is the story of a cop going back and loosing everything that is important in his life. "The Fireplace Poker" could be an Edger Alan Poe story of a preacher who hires a hit man to kill his wife with yes, the fireplace poker. Whether the songs are about alcohol, dysfunctional families, cheating husbands or murder the Drive By Truckers tell stories that deliver the goods and will please their listeners. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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