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ARTIST BIO Brooklyn-born but now residing in Connecticut, Hugh Blumenfeld was a mainstay in the late '80s Greenwich Village scene, an associate editor and contributor of songs to the Fast Folk Musical Magazine, winner of the Kerrville New Folk Competition, featured performer on Christine Lavin's On a Winter's Night compilation and was the first artist signed to the new 1 800 Prime CD label. He has a PhD in poetry but doesn't let that get in the way of honest songwriting on records like 1987's Strong in Spirit, 1989's Barehanded and 1996's Mozart's Money. Rocket Science followed in 1998.

Review of (Dr.) Hugh Blumenfeld's Dad: After reading the bio on this singer/songwriter, I have developed a greater appreciation for his interest in weaving all the songs on this cd around a theme of parenthood. Now knowing that he worked with volunteer groups in grief and music therapy to help new parents recover from the loss of a newborn, as well as his dedication and work with “preemies” in NICU while going to med school in CT. His graduation from med school, and his work in family medicine make a perfect background for the development of this cd. The very first song he wrote (“Sleep Sarah Sleep”) is on this cd, and you can just feel the “Dad” in him throughout the entire disk - from the birth (“Welcome to the World”, “Cradle Song”), through the early years (“Daddy I'm Awake”, “Cry Little Guy”, “Wonder Wonder Why”). There are the little joys (“Rock You”, “I Knew A Boy”, “Til The Morning”), and the heartaches (“Daddy's Got You Now”, “Visitation”). There are also songs of inspiration (“Sail On Little Sailor”, “My Little Boy's Moon”). And then there are the playful ditties that just are (“NICU at Nite”, “You Gotta Have Coffee”, “Till The Morning”). All in all, this is a delightful listen, although I have no idea who are his accompanists. -----NICK

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