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Lynn Miles has a way of making songs about how broken the world feels, as on the opening track "Something Beautiful" seem exactly that. This is a beautifully produced effort from one of Canada's finest singer/songwriters and in my opinion her finest recording since her 1999 release "Night In A Strange Town". In addition to the opening track exploring how broken things are in the world today Lynn pours her heart out on the track "Cracked and Broken" a song about a personal relationship hardship. "Love Doesn't Hurt" covers the harms caused by domestic abuse that brings you in and makes you feel the ache created as she explains how love shouldn't physically or mentally hurt. Even though Lynn covers topics that usually wont warm your heart and soul she ends this disc with the beautifully orchestrated and uplifting track "Time To Let The Sun". Fall For Beauty is a perfect title for this gem of a CD and is a welcome return to one of folks finest voices. Reviewed By; Gregg Saur

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