Until They Lay Me Down to Rest


Review by Nick: The sultry-voiced Grace Askew has one of the sexiest voices I have heard in a long time, and the songwriting is definitely of the award-winning ilk. “Song for Tom” makes terrific use of the slide guitar prowess of legendary Memphis sideman Richard Ford, who also offers up delicious slices of other stringed instruments (from banjo, lap- and pedal-steel guitars, and a mandolin offshoot – the jangletron). Even though her earlier two EP releases were produced by the renowned Pete Matthews at Memphis' famed Ardent Studios, Grace Askew took the production reins on this LP. Her blues-based influences can be tracked on a number of tunes (“Beautiful Mess”, “But Gone”), and her stutter-step rhythm on “Toasting for Two” seems to be just perfect for the lyrics. Then the subtle segue into country and back to blues in the same song just blows my mind! The haunting instrumental strains of “Until They Lay Me Down to Rest once again perfectly match the lyrics note for note. I have this much to say about Grace Askew: if she ever lost her ability to perform (God forbid), she would have a natural outlet in songwriting and musical arrangements – this woman has talent! Just my two nickels -----Nick. ARTIST BIO Based out of Memphis, TN, Askew has substantially established herself throughout the Southeastern U.S., and has organized and promoted her own small tours since her teens. She now continues to serve as her own agent on a grander scale, booking her shows and traveling vigorously throughout the U.S., spanning tours as far West as Santa Fe, NM, as far North as Chicago, IL, and as far East as Asheville, NC. Back home in Memphis, Grace plays a slew of steady gigs with her abundantly talented accompanying 5-piece group, The Black Market Goods.

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