Alter Ego


Warning: Track 01 has FCC banned word Track 08 has phrases that are marginally suggestive Track 09 has FCC banned word Review by Nick of Alter Ego by Zach Peterson: Zach Peterson is an excellent songwriter, taking cues from Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, Leonard Cohen (like Cohen, some of his songs are very egocentric). He could most probably make a very good living just writing music for other artists; which he should consider, because (IMHO) his singing is very raw and not quite on a par with Bob Dylan. The major difference between Peterson and Dylan is that Dylan happened to be in the right place at the right time, and he was accompanied by a very talented (The) Band. Zach does have his shining moments, though (“Some Bar In Montreal”, “Drift Away”, “Die In Your Arms”). Most have good lyrics (“Streets of Utrecht”, “Made You Something” “Old Camaros”). The rest of the songs on this inaugural cd just do not do anything for me - musically. -------Nick ARTIST BIO Grand Rapids native singer-songwriter Zach Peterson's debut record, ALTER EGO, reflects over a decade of writing, performing and playing for audiences ranging from blue collar auto workers and motorcycle gangs to white collar lawyers and K Street lobbyists. Peterson played the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts from 1997-2005 and other haunts around Michigan and Ontario before moving to Washington, DC where (he) is now a regular on the club circuit.

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