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Jodee Lewis (channeling her best Alison Krauss) and Steve Hendershot are the Chicago duo known as The Spares. On their third record, they get a little darker, leading off with "I Don't Miss," a rocking little wordplay about an angry woman with a gun, and continues through "Earthquake," "Like We Were" and "Has He Told You" (which warns about a two-timin' guy). Somebody's had some heartache here! But the music is great and the harmonies fine. "Center of the World" is another upbeat folk-rock message tune, "Revolution" is a wry commentary on the roller-coaster nature of politics and "Wanted Man" is a bluesy tale. The Spares make intelligent, well-crafted music. Probably the only thing that keeps them from making the big time is a limited touring schedule: Lewis is a mom of two (about to be three) and was a chemical engineer before music and motherhood changed her direction. Let's support the family. 12/10 MJVD F-Alt Country

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