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If you were to take a large dose of Jack Johnson and mix in some mellow sunshine from Michael Franti you would have the perfect description of Donavon Frankenenreiter's new CD Glow. Starting with the title track this CD is simply a feel good disc that can relieve the tensions created from a bad day and create a positive aura that is catchy enough to surround your entire body. The track "Shadows" has a guitar sounds strikingly similar to that of U2's the Edge. You can also catch the sounds of the ukulele on many of the tracks giving Glow that laid back summer feel that is a trademark from this Southern California surfer. My advice is catch the wave with Donavon Frankenriter and feel the warmth of the sun, just forget the Sun Tan lotion because after only one listen you will surely Glow. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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