Should Have Known


ARTIST BIO: Since her appearance on the local music scene a few short years ago, Yvette has had such an enchanted musical career that the announcement of her debut CD comprised of sixteen original songs is not surprising. From touring the world as a multi-instrumentalist, to performing with the likes of Balfa Toujours, Redstick Ramblers, Pine Leaf Boys, Walter Mouton, Steve Riley, Dirk Powell, Donna the Buffalo, Bill Kirchen, Carol McComb, John Lilly, Geraldine Gay and Darrell Scott, and being a founding member of the all-woman super-group Bonsoir Catin, Yvette has made a name for herself as a powerful accompanist. Now taking center stage, backed by members of The Redstick Ramblers, River Road, The Wilders, and more, be prepared to be blown away yet again by this beautiful songsmith. Her brand new CD, Should Have Known, is comprised of homemade honky-tonk that’ll knock you off your boots

Review: Spoiler alert!! Country-music-haters may lose their religion if they listen to this cd!! Being of that ilk, I found this singer/songwriter to be fetching of ear, and tantalizing of sound. The writing and singing show a depth and confidence that belies the fact that this is her very first solo effort. And considering her short musical career, she has really come a long way, baby. Sixteen songs, all written by her, run the gamut from heart-string jerking ballads (including “Where Memories Are Gold” and “Fishing’s Better Anyway”).to in-your-face, kick-ass romps (such as “Blue Moon Girl”, and “Jack”). This collection is rooted in country music (“Growing Old”), and, drawing from her upbringing, leans heavily on cajun, as well as some blues influences (“Down Home Blues”), and one cut I cannot seem to classify (“Talk”).. Best known in music circles for playing bass with bands including as founding member of all-female supergroup, Bonsoir Catin, Yvette Landry comes from a long line of musicians. For her debut solo album, she picks up her acoustic guitar and her songwriter’s pencil and turns not to traditional Acadian music but to traditional country (“Friday Night Special”, “One More Broken Heart”) and honky-tonk (“120 Proof”), with a hint of Southwestern Louisiana spice (“Dead And Gone”). Backed by an all-star supporting cast including Red Stick Ramblers, Wilders and co-producer Joel Savoy, Yvette Landry delivers the goods: uptempo selections, the Title cut (“Should Have Known”), the blues-tinged “Too Tired”, as well as heartfelt deep-country ballads (“Can't See Me Without You”, “Another Lesson Learned”). There is something for everyone in this, Ms. Landry's inaugural album – even for the hard-core Patsy Cline crowd (“Better Days”). I truly expect (and hope) to hear much more from this talented singer-songwriter!. ---Nick

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