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The Gig is On

14 tracks of solid bar blues and funk round out the new album “The Gig is On” by the 7 man Chicago band Lubriphonic. Funky bass, in-the-pocket drumming, wah-wah guitars, and a solid horn section fit tightly for a classic, and mostly classy, booty shakin’ soul and blues sound. Ivan Neville adds keys on 5 tracks, including a respectable version of Curtis Mayfield’s “If there’s a hell below” Best Tracks: #1 RHINO, #7 IF THERE’S A HELL BELOW FCC Naughty List: #2 UNDER THE LINE Other points of interest: Lubriphonic has toured with Jon Popper, George Clinton, Maceo Parker, and Derek Trucks Who would like this cd: fans of Parliament/George Clinton, fans of Fishbone’s soul/funk side, people who like to shake some serious booty, fans of Curtis Mayfield

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