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Mike Doughty

Skittish / Rockity Roll


Michael Doughty, the former lyricist and vocalist of Art-ish beat-driven NYC group Soul Coughing, has been touring solo on and off for the past 10 years. This 2-disc set is Mike's stripped-down singer-songwriter stuff. Skittish was recorded in 1995 and until recently was only available at M. Doughty shows. Mike (at that time "M.") noticed that people in the audience, after awhile, actually knew the lyrics to these songs and decided to distribute on a wider scale. Skittish's widespread re-release was packaged along with Rockity Roll, a 6-song ep recorded in 2003. Both are packaged together and released for distribution for the target price of $15. A full-length 2005 release of original material is expected shortly.

Pete Drover

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