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The Standale LP


Review by Steven “Nick” Nickelson of Blackberry Winter The Standale LP WARNING!! DO NOT listen to this cd while on acid!! Upon first hearing this cd, I had to ask myself – is the emphasis on the lyrics, the music, or something altogether different? I have to say that since many of the words come off as unintelligible I would tend to favor the music – at least the music arrangement. As alt/indie music goes, this maiden outing sounds eerily like a punked-up, stripped-down Emerson, Lake & Palmer or (more recently) !!! with the microphone muffled. The band does admit to influences by Radiohead (do ya think?) as well as Pink Floyd. I have yet to find a cut that I don't like (good thing I'm not too influenced by lyrics), and I could just imagine how this might totally screw up anyone tripping on acid. That being said, this trio of talented musicians show some flashes of brilliance, and I fully expect to hear more from them in the future. Were I to compare them to anyone, I would say they sound like a mix of Radiohead, My Chemical Romance, and Sufjan Stevens. They are good. Only one request – please get a better mic (or maybe just a better sound board/mixer)! ---Nick

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