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Review by Nick of Kalamazoo by Jason Roseboom Backstory – Jason Roseboom After years of playing in this band and that Jason Roseboom has focused (for now) his talents in political folk music. Learning from Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, he has now taken on the task of letting his generation be heard. This is contemporary folk music that tackles tough social issues in a modern format. Armed with a guitar, harmonica, his unique voice and thought provoking lyrics Roseboom does not shy away from the message he's toting. That message......there is always hope. "In short, I think it is about time that I heard a solid folk singer such as this. It has been a genre that has been applauded for past accomplishments, but has not been recognized too much presently. Jason is a great example of the genre, and I think can really lead the genre to come. Some of his influences are, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Bob Dylan. He does not fail them, as he takes on big ideas and the stories of people that speak volumes." The Independent Music Scene . Review: Jason commands dramatic political hot potatoes and contemporary topics with equal ease. His songwriting skills and song arrangement skills are raw, but show great promise; however, his playing and singing seem to lack direction – at one time emulating the great and prolific singer/songwriter Bob Dylan (at least a younger, earnest, pre-Band Dylan), at other times an attempt at performing a la Woody Guthrie, or a toned-down Boss. Dylanesque cuts (with a nod to Woody and Arlo Guthrie) would be “Lincon's Bible” , “I Am Your Son”, “Doris Day”. Some examples of Springsteen's influence are the growling “Jesus Loved Judas” and “These Hands (Song For Detroit)”. This song, more than any other song on here, has a depth of feel that seems missing in most of the other cuts – exception being (what should become a classic) folk dirge “The Death Of Matthew Shepard”. Jason puts as much heart in the singing as there seems to be in the creation of same. This and a couple of other songs on here (“Flout”, “In The Corner”) just beg me to say, “ hey! Get some backup musicians and vocalists and make a BIG statement!” (but I am only a lowly reviewer). And in that vein I can only say that this guy is young, but he has a talent that shouldn't be relegated to coffee houses and street corners. --- Nick

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