Neil Young has long been called the God Father of the grunge movement and on Le Noise Neil Plugs in and shows why he is one of the best. Le Noise is one man and his guitar with very little overdubs. It is raw with plenty of great guitar, feedback, and a sure energy that has been missing from many of Neil's recent efforts. Grammy Award winning producer Daniel Lanois who has worked with U2, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan and Emmylou Harris invited Neil to his home to record a record that lacked studio polish and showcases the pure raw talents possessed within this musical great. The CD begins with the electric "Walk With Me" and "Sign Of Love" and instantaneity the sounds of Crazy horse come crashing through. The acoustic "Love and War" is a masterpiece with extremely thought provoking lyrics . The track "Hitchhiker" is an autographical piece that explores many of Neil's Drug filled years. "Peaceful Valley Boulevard" is the quietest track on this disc and ranks as one of Neil's acoustic best. This CD is meant to be played loud and proves that at 64 Neil is still one of Music's most creative figures. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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