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In 1991 U2 went into Berlin's Hansa Studios to record Achtung Baby a disc that mixed up their traditional sounds with a more alternative mix that incorporated the sounds of electronic dance music. Tiger Suit also recorded at Berlin's Hansa Studios is at no way to be compared to this disc, but KT Tunstall sheds her folk- rock sounds for a more alternative edge that also incorporates the sounds of electronic dance music. This CD is will certainly alienate some fans who are looking for her traditional camp fire songs that she captures so well in her live performances, but for those willing to explore the new sounds captured on this Disc they will be rewarded with some terrific tracks. The CD begins with the dance beats of the catchy "Uummannag Song". "Glamour Puss" is a rocking track that I consider one of KT's few misses. "Difficulty" and "Lost" are both songs that have single potential and hooks that will drag you both onto the dance floor and into the world of this talented artist. On "Golden Frames" the most acoustic track on this disc KT steals sounds from the Chris Isaak. classic "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing". "Still A Weirdo" is an acoustic track that KT could still add to her around the campfire collection. The Album ends with "The Entertainer" and if it at the campfire or on the dance floor it is hard to argue that KT is a true entertainer. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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