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Band of Joy was Robert Plants psychedelic 1960's rock band featuring the late great John Bonham prior to the creation of Led Zeppelin. This creation of the band featuring the great Buddy Miller and Patty Griffin may have no resemblance to the original, but I cant think of a better name for this disc. This CD expands Roberts exploration into the world of roots music featuring cover tracks from the likes of Los Lobos and Townes Van Zandt as well as the Indie rock band Low. The CD begins with a classic cover of Los Lobos "Angel Dance". On the tracks "Silver Rider" and "Monkey" originally performed by the group "Low" Robert reaches closest to the sound of his Zeppelin days. The later of these also features some terrific background vocals from Patty Griffin who's presence is felt throughout this disc. "Cindy I'll Marry You" is a traditional folk song that has been played by a who's who of Americana artists. "Harm's Swift Way" is a lesser known Townes Van Zandt track that features some terrific guitar from Buddy Miller and backing vocals from Patty Griffin. On the Uncle Tupelo track "Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down" and singing the traditional poem "Even This Will Pass Away" Robert dives into his more spiritual side. If Roberts last CD rose sand this disc will create a real storm and it really is a Band Of Joy. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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