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I Heart California


The new release by Admiral Radley is I HEART CALIFORNIA, featuring 11 tracks of wonky riffs and mopey anthems for the legions of terminal under-achievers. Synths and digital technology only serve to enhance what is basically a guitar oriented band tinged with a definite California sound. If the Beach Boys were tattooed twenty-something slackers who drank a lot of cough syrup, this is the album they would make. Occupying the awkward territory between “deserves more plays on my iPod” and “what the hell am I listening to?”, I Heart California is one of those discs that you’ll have to spin a few times before really being able to wrap your head around it. Best Tracks: #2 Ghosts of Syllables FCC Naughty List: #1 I Heart California, #7 All Fucked on Beer Other points of interest: made up of members of EARLIMART and GRANDADDY Who would like this: fans of EARLIMART or GRANDADDY

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