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Are You My Mother?


Overshadowed by the other female vocalist in The New Pornographers, WYCE darling Neko Case, the undaunted Kathryn Calder takes a big step into the spotlight with her own debut solo effort. The set is built around her understated vocals and minimal instrumentation, which includes Kleenex boxes and filing cabinets as percussion and an old trumpet and piano found in her mother's house. Speaking of Kathryn's mom, this disc was recorded in mom's house in Vancouver. "Slip Away," "Low" and "So Easily" are fine slower-paced songs and "Castor and Pollux," "Follow Me" and "Days Past" are great up-beat selections. Neko and other TNP bandmates assist in key places, but this time Kathryn's got the microphone -- and she does well with the opportunity. Michael J. 8/10 RContemporary (Indie)

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