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Queen's English


The Malibooz were originally formed in the 1960's and Queen's English was intended to be an album of covers by the reunited band. But as the band was working on it, they had increasing opportunities to work with British Invasion legends (Tony Hicks of The Hollies, Ron Davis, Len Barry, and Colin Hanton of The Quarrymen, Richard Moore of The Troggs, etc.). They began to see this as a chance to record some new stuff. Before I read the liner notes to Queen's English, I thought The Malibooz had simply ripped off parts of many of the popular songs of the 60's; but now I know that they are "paying tribute" to them. From the use of the celeste and the "Peggy Sue" percussion on "Just a Little Bit" to the Everly Brothers harmonies on "Good Tonight" to the Kinks' bass line on "Free" there is a lot of "tribute" being paid on this one. Rebecca Ruth

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