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Originating as the Backstrokes in 2007 with current members Rob Antecki and Ryan Engemann, the band changed their name to Silversmith after adding vocalist Jess Luiz in January. Since then, the now six-member band has created the four-song debut that we have here. While heavily influenced by classic rock, the band also counts indie music as a form of inspiration. “Give A Little Soul” is the opener, featuring some heavy-duty vocals and plenty of ‘soul’ from Luiz. Kicking things up a notch is the blues rock driven “Tell Him.” Again, Luiz seems to be the centerpoint as she belts “Tell him, tell him that I said goodbye. You’ve got cheatin’ in mind, so I’ve got leavin’ on mine.” The final song of this EP is titled “Intimations of Immortality (E-Funk).” Here, things begin slow but pick up the pace as the song progresses. In the end, the listener even gets a taste of some funk with the bass guitar taking center stage. On the whole, the best track here is probably the second, “Night of the Four Moons.” The overall sound and great melody makes for a song that works well from start to finish. In the end, this is good stuff. With only four-songs, and only a taste of what’s yet to come, there’s potential here and no doubt, much to look forward to. ~Reviewed by Jeff Bouma

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