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Give up the Ghost


Brandi Carlile’s cd ”Give up the Ghost” is damn good. According to Carlile her start in music was in Ravensdale, a small-town in Washington state. ““My family was really immersed in Grand Ole Opry stuff”, she says. “My grandfather and his brother were great yodelers. We had family jam nights.” That grounded quality is utilized with great skill here. Most of these songs are folk or folkrock territory but she’s in alt-country vibe on “Caroline”, “I will” and “Touching the Ground”. This is the “band's” 3rd full-length record although there are EPs and demos floating around. I use the word “band” because even though these 4 folks travel under Carlile's name alone, they aren’t an assortment of backup players, Tim and Phil Hanseroth, guitar and bass, respectively, and cellist Josh Neuman contribute songwriting, harmonies and their music really take the songs in a lovely direction. Carlile is a gifted songwriter showcased on “That Year” with beautiful lyrical phrasing matching the music utterly. She has achieved quiet beauty on “If there was no You” with a nice touch of whistling, plus on “Oh Dear “they used a uke, an instrument enjoying resurging popularity right now. This is quality stuff - use it well. – Anne Lamont

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