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Joined by Jonathan Kreisberg on guitar and Jamire Williams on drums, B3 maestro Dr. Lonnie Smith lays down eight tracks that explore the rich variety of sounds that can be pulled from his chosen instrument. There’s everything here from quiet, introspective numbers where Smith adds color to Kreisberg’s jazzy guitar, "Frame for the Blues", to ecstatic sound blasts, "I’ve Never Been In Love Before", to percussive funk work outs, "I Didn’t Know What Time It Was", to the icy grooves of "Sweet & Lovely" and the silky smooth title cut. Smith’s cover of Harold Mabern’s "Beehive" will have you looking for the sting ointment with its hard hitting attack and frantic pace while his cover of the 1963 classic "Sukiyaki" plays the other end of the spectrum with its easy pace and mellow vibe. While Smith is clearly the focus of the disc, Kreisberg and Williams acquit themselves well throughout with Kreisberg’s guitar work often evoking comparisons to Pat Metheny with his rich, fluid lines and William’s drumming keeping the proceedings in solid order. Smitty

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