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Forgiveness Rock Record


Broken Social Scene ~ Forgiveness Rock Record Broken Social Scene, the Canadian Indie Rock Band known to have as few as six and as many as nineteen members, return with their fourth release of new material - Forgiveness Rock Record. Led by founding member Kevin Drew, most of the members play some role in other groups and solo projects, including Emily Haines (Metric) and Amy Millan (Stars) and Feist as Feist. As one writer suggests, their music is characterized by "several sounds; grand orchestrations of guitars, horns, woodwinds and violins; crazy song structures and chaotic production." While that may be a bit dramatic, it's not too far off base. The opening track and the first single from the album, "World Sick," may be the best example of this. Here, percussion abound with interesting twists and turns melodically along the way. One of the more likable songs here is "Chase Scene," which features Drew, Feist and Millan in unison as the drum machine beats away and the violin adds an element that completes the "chase" feel. While filled with toe-tapers, lighter fare is here as well. For instance, "Sentimental X's" has a simple beginning that builds into a full-fledged sound as it incorporates the sweet sounds of Millan, Haines and Feist on vocals. Following this, on the equally compelling song titled "Sweetest Kill," Kevin Drew and Feist pair up for a ballad of sorts. Overall, this was a pleasure to listen to. Aside from a couple of missteps and no plays along the way, Broken Social Scene provide their fans a sound that should warrant repeated listens. Forgiveness granted! ~Reviewed by Jeff Bouma

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